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  • Me while driving: Don't you fucking do it.
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Bold and Brash, a true masterpiece by Squidward Tentacles

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Wars, it is said, are caused by “nationalism,” that is, love of country. This is an illusion. Wars, in nearly every instance in modern times, have been caused by economic factors and the exploitation of the national spirit to further individual ends.

The causes of war are to be found in the conflicting interests and jealousies existing between powerful financial organizations. Financiers secure power in their own country by placing within the government “statesmen” who will do their bidding, and when the clash comes, they stimulate in peoples every crude instinct of hate and murder.

"Trade," it is said "follows the flag." The reverse is the case. Trade has gone forth in the past, seeking profits for those sitting in the capitals of the country. When these traders, and their financiers, have found themselves in difficulties with traders and financiers in other nations they have not hesitated to use the "flag" as a cloak for their own misdemeanors. The "flag" is too sacred to British people all over the world to be mixed up with the sordidness of trade and finance. Let it fly freely over a people imbued with the spirit of service and duty, and above all, let it be kept out of the dust of the market place where it will be contaminated with the bargaining of the merchants and the usury of financiers.

Sir Oswald Mosley

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